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QESC, LLC, formerly known as Quality Electric Steel Castings, was formed in 1948 as a privately held corporation with Lloyd O. Sturkie as Founder. Over the years, we have grown from 35 tons per month capacity to 1000 tons per month capacity. In 2022, we joined The Lawton Standard family.

QESC is an extremely stable company with no debt. We have continued to grow and expand by reinvesting a great portion of it’s profits back into its facility. Our facilities cover 26 acres, with approximately 250,000 square feet under roof.

Can you make exactly the product we want? Can you make it quickly?

In post war America, when our company was founded, those were the questions customers asked. We thrived because we answered yes – then delivered quality work on time.

Founded in 1948, QESC quickly became a productive contributor to the nation’s practically insatiable industrial machine. Decades later, heavy industry has dramatically changed. Our customers are more exacting, in response to even stricter quality standards. They want it quickly because mass production has become “custom production” – fewer products, to higher standards, for on-time delivery.

The good news for our customers: No matter what changes occur in the industries we serve, QESC can still answer those questions with a resounding, unqualified yes.

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