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QESC implements “Good Catches” program

Want to change the future for the better? Improve your practices today. That’s the foundational principle behind the “Good Catches” workplace safety program. Read here how The C.A. Lawton Co. works to focus on leading indicators to improve safety.

QESC recently held a drawing to recognize a few Good Catchers! Congrats to Ricardo Mercado and Monroe Luther!

What is a Good Catch?

“A Good Catch is something that a team member sees and fixes or gets fixed. They get credit for it, and we record it. Good Catches are often simple things like winding up an extension cord rather than letting it stay across an aisle, where it could become a trip hazard,” Lawton Standard‘s COO, Barry Adamski, explains.

“We celebrate Good Catches because it helps reinforce that we’re serious about worker safety. It’s a deeply embedded part of our culture,” he adds.

Safety focus

Across The Lawton Standard family of companies, we’re working to improve our focus on safety. New employees are encouraged to spot hazards seasoned employees may have begun to overlook. Vigilance is encouraged, and safety becomes an ongoing and critically important part of each employee’s daily work:

  • Each pre-production meeting begins with a discussion on safety
  • Companywide meetings start with a discussion of safety, Good Catches, and prevention of lost-time accidents
  • Foundry workers who operate equipment regularly receive lockout/tag-out training to maintain their certifications

People focus

The Lawton companies focus on people. “Ultimately, they’re like a family to us. We want them to go home safely to their loved ones each day. That’s why we take workplace safety so seriously. With the Good Catches program, we believe we’re reinforcing the behaviors that help to create the safest possible workplace,” Adamski concludes.

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