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Ferrous vs non-ferrous

Today we are going to take the time to discuss the differences between ferrous and non-ferrous castings so that you can make the best decision for you when you work with us.

First, let’s talk about ferrous metals, which include steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and cast iron. According to KI Castings, ferrous metals are strong and reliable and are used for things like bridges, railroads, vehicles, skyscrapers, and more. As you can see, ferrous metals have a wide variety of applications and performance specifications. Ferrous metals are a popular choice for castings because they are typically easily available and relatively inexpensive. Many industries utilize ferrous metals, including construction and transportation. These metals make up about 90% of the worldwide production of metal according to the Reliance Foundry.

Non-ferrous metals on the other hand do not contain iron and include metals like aluminum alloys, copper, gold, nickel, brass, silver, lead, and zinc. According to KI Castings, many industries rely on non-ferrous metals such as construction, engineering, jewelry, and others. Although many industries use these metals, they are considered rare when compared to ferrous metals. The benefit of these metals is that they tend to be lightweight, highly malleable, and less prone to rusting and corrosion.

When deciding which metal to go with for your casting, it would be helpful to consider a few key things. You will want to think about what your casting will be used for, the availability of materials, the cost, and what properties the materials will need depending on your project. According to the Reliance foundry, it is important to find the balance between value and form so that the metal you go with satisfies both the aesthetic and mechanical requirements of your product. The metal you chose will directly affect the final outcome and many things need to be considered when choosing the right material for your casting.

If you would like to speak with someone about your options, please contact our sales department through our main line at (713) 672-6625. We look forward to hearing your questions.


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