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Continuously improving recruiting

Being a recruiter today is challenging; meeting with people isn’t as easy as
it used to be and making everyone feel safe is a moving target. These are just
two hurdles recruiters face while giving new hires the best opportunity to
start with The Lawton Standard family. We sat down with both of our recruiters
Maria Margraf and Christa Everman to talk about the challenges they face.

Modernizing Recruiting

Beyond the expected email and phone calls, we’ve incorporated texting. Texting
helps our candidates feel comfortable. For example, if they forget something in
their interview, they can message it to one of our recruiters, who respond promptly.
Instead of requiring in-person interviews, we also use video conferencing if the
person feels that is a safer option or more convenient.

Family Foundries

People who join Lawton:

·       come from other companies

·       have been laid off for a long time

·       felt they were just a number at their previous

·       are looking for opportunities that help them
feel like they are a part of something better

The Lawton Standard family of companies takes pride in the culture and environment
at each location. “Most people, when they enter a work environment, like the
feeling of being recognized for their accomplishments. It helps them feel like
they are a part of a family. Here they feel respected, not like just a number.”
Said Maria.

“Foundry work isn’t easy, and our employees work hard; it’s not coming in
every day and pressing a button or screwing a couple of things together. They
are physically working, and they’re working hard. They are probably some of the
hardest working people out there.” Said Christa.

We work with our employees and help fit their needs because
they do so much for us. Are you looking for a job? Visit the hiring pages for
the location nearest you.

C.A. Lawton – De Pere, WI & Minster, OH

Penn-Mar Castings – Hanover, PA

Temperform – Novi, MI

QESC – Houston, TX

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