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April 8, 2014
  Tinker Omega TOM 1200. 1500 # per minute Blender for tight flask up to 120″x120″. Dependable Pacemaster 450, 1000 # per minute. Tinker Omega TOM 1200. 1200 #-per minute blender for small & medium high production flaskless molding up to 48″x48″. Didion (LC-40) 40-tons-per-hour sand reclamation system w/10’x10’ General Kinematic two-mast shakeout (small/medium molds)....
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Up to 1000 tons per month net castings shipped.
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From 10 to 17,000 pounds net shipping weight.
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Low & High Carbon Low Alloy (8600, 4100, 4300, QQS, etc.) Medium Alloy (WC-9, C-5, CA-6NM, etc.) High Alloy (corrosion and heat resistant CA-15, CF-8M, CF-3M, etc.) Duplex Metals (CD-4MCU, etc.) Low- Temperature Service Alloys (LC-1,2,3; LCB, etc.)
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Oil and Petrochemical Industry; Valve Bodies; Military End-Use; Pressure; Non-Pressure; Full Documentation Critical Service, as well as general miscellaneous-application steel castings.
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