QESC - Houston

Our Mission

To manufacture steel castings to our customers’ exact requirements, meeting industry standards, with dependable service matched only by the quality of our product.

Sayler Sturkie Robbins, CEO

Our Philosophy

Our success depends on your success. We have the experience, resources and drive to handle your needs quickly, economically and professionally. Our craftsmanship is swift, accurate and attentive to detail. With the utmost care and determination, every product that carries our name is made as if the entire success of our business depended on it.

It goes without saying, “If it was built by Quality, it was built with quality and success in mind.”

Why Choose Quality?

Quality cares! We care about the products we produce and we make every possible effort to assure that every single part we manufacture, deserves the name, “Quality”

Our pattern shop mounts, rigs, maintains and repairs patterns ranging in sizes from six inches to ten feet. No configuration is too complex for us to handle.

Testing for tensile strength and other properties is conducted in our metallurgical laboratory. Quality assurance standards include ASME, API, MSS, ASNT, ASRM, NACE and ISO 9000. We also perform to customers’ proprietary specifications. Complete traceability is always maintained.

Our high-speed, flaskless molding line enables us to produce large numbers of specialty castings at a fast pace. The same line can be quickly adapted to handle short runs or varied castings. Customers appreciate our quick turnaround capabilities which are so uncommon for a foundry of our size.

Our castings withstand a rigorous mechanical and chemical testing process. Other non-destructive examinations are performed to assure we deliver top quality finished parts every time.