Quality Electric Steel Castings

since 1948

Pattern Shop


Our on site pattern shop provides our customers with several services:

  • Complete layout capability.
  • New pattern setup.
  • Maintenance of existing pattern equipment.
  • Pattern storage
  • Pattern construction

Our long standing relationships with many local pattern shops allows us to respond quickly to our customers requirements for building new patterns and core boxes.
Our master pattern makers can develop and build hardwood or urethane tooling from your drawings using our new State-Of-The-Art Cobra CNC Router.




Process: SMAW, FCAW, GMAW (Manual & Semi-Auto). Qualifications per ASME, ASTM, AWS and Mid-Std-1261A.

Metallurgical Laboratory


  • Spectrograph: SPECTROMAXX with both Iron & Nickel-base capability.
  • Spectrograph: COLUMBUS with iron-base capability
  • Tinius-Olsen Super-L 60k Tensile Machine with Extensiometer

Metallographic Laboratory:

  • Versamet Unitron Metallograph
  • Buehler Polishing Apparatus
  • Microphotography Equipment
  • Radiographic Viewing Room
  • Sand Testing Laboratory

Non-Destructive Testing

  • Magnetic Particle Examination (wet or dry)
  • Liquid Dye Penetrant
  • Ultrasonic Examination
  • Radiography

Heat Treating


Annealing; Austenitizing; Normalizing; Liquid Quenching; Tempering. Four car-bottom Fibrofrax Lined Furnaces from 5’ x 10’ to 8’ x 16’. Centrally located electronic control room for certified charts.


Dake 600 Ton Movable Frame Press

Table Size :   288” x 156” x 72”  (L x W x H)

Working Area  (Ram Travel) :    196” x 100” x 72”  (L x W x H)

Melting Equipment


One Lectromelt Model P-T 3000 KVA rated at three tons per hour.

  • Minimum Heat Size 8,000
  • Maximum Heat Size 20,000

One Swindell 9’ Shell 4000 KVA rated at four tons per hour.

  • Minimum Heat Size 8,000
  • Maximum Heat Size 28,000

One Inductotherm (6) Six ton Induction Furnace.

One Pillar Model Mark VIII solid-state induction units 375 KVA capable of producing from 500 to 2500 pounds.

Foundry Engineering


Layout Room equipped with 12′ Romer Infinite 3.0 Portable Arm for dimensional verification.
Our foundry Engineers develop the appropriate feeding requirements for castings and establish the molding processes. We use SOLIDCast software to simulate the solidification process castings undergo as they cool in a mold. This helps identify casting defects prior to production, resulting in:

  • Higher probability of first article approval.
  • Faster resolution of production problems.
  • Better yield.
  • Reduced lead times.
  • Lower scrap rates.
  • Better quality.


Core Room

core-1 core-2

  • Dependable Air Set Pacemaster 250 delivers 500 pounds per minute. Two Dependable shell machines Model 400 SA. Also, miscellaneous sweep and bench facilities.
  • One Tinker Omega TOM 125. 125 # per minute Chromite Blender.

Molding Systems & Capabilities

molding1 molding2

  • Tinker Omega TOM 1200. 1500 # per minute Blender for tight flask up to 120″x120″.
  • Dependable Pacemaster 450, 1000 # per minute.
  • Tinker Omega TOM 1200. 1200 #-per minute blender for small & medium high production flaskless molding up to 48″x48″.
  • Didion (LC-40) 40-tons-per-hour sand reclamation system w/10’x10’ General Kinematic two-mast shakeout (small/medium molds).
  • Didion (LC-40) 40-tons-per-hour sand reclamation system w/13’x13’ General Kinematic two-mast shakeout for large flask molds.
  • Dependable 12-ton -per-hour cooler/classifier for small & medium mold reclamation.
  • Dependable 12-ton-per-hour cooler/classifier for large mold reclamation. Flaskless molding up to 48″x48″, tight flask up to 120″x120″. Special flask sizes available.


Up to 1000 tons per month net castings shipped.